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When you get 25 top name bloggers, vloggers and Instagram influencers in one room you have to make sure that you have every photo opportunity going.  And that’s exactly what Flowers of Colombia achieved when they hosted a special Floral Masterclass at the world famous McQueens Flower School. Instagram influencers included foodies Leyla Kazim behind @thecutlerychronicles and Samira Kazan from @alphafoodie and travel influencer Suze behind @luxurycolumnist.

As part of its marketing strategy to boost sales of Colombian grown flowers, Asocolflores, the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters organised the event to educate and inspire a selection of key media people … a plan that worked brilliantly with a real floral buzz online straight away.

The key was to get them hands on and appreciating everything Colombia does with flowers. Opened with a presentation by Caroline Marshall-Foster, a long-term ambassador for Colombian flowers, the guests were amazed at the back story about Colombia and its flowers. 

Not just because of its perfect climate, faultless growing conditions, impressive sustainability improvements and gorgeous flowers but through the ingrained passion its people – particularly the women who work in flowers – have for what they do.


 84A6116Press and influencers making their own hand-tieds (Image: KALORY STUDIO)

Guests were then encouraged to check out the spectacular Colombian flowers on display and realise that each and every one of them has a story; like the Agapanthus grown on a farm where profits are used to host clubs for the elderly or the carnations that give people in under-privileged areas healthy meals every day.

Next, the floor was handed over to Sophie Powell, head tutor at McQueens Flower School, who gave a brilliant class in how to make a handtied before letting everybody loose to have a go on their own. Each VIP guest left with a gorgeous Colombian flower crown made by McQueens students ahead of the event, along with their own hand-made creations.


IMG 1621Students with Sophie from McQueens Flower School


Alongside Sophie Morgan Douglas Nuth, owner of Old Oak Floral Design and an official ambassador for Colombian flowers since 2017, was there to both help the VIP’s and create those all-important Instagram-able photo opportunities as he explained; “I was asked to design something that bloggers wouldn’t be able to resist snapping during the event, so I made a selfie frame inspired by the colours of Colombia and a massive willow arch that was used to showcase individual varieties while showcasing the beautiful flowers Colombia offers.”

The feedback was instant. Instagram was quickly filled with #FlowerWorkshop postings featuring both simple pictures and flower filled videos and proved the perfect launch for the Flowers of Colombia consumer facing campaign which will run over the coming months.

Scroll down to see more photos from the event.


 84A5452Morgan's willow arch (Image: KALORY STUDIO)


Top images and first three below: KALORY STUDIO






IMG 1766Ian McClellan of FleuraMetz who supplied the Colombian flowers with Caroline Marshall-Foster


IMG 1625

 Agapanthus from St Patricks who use thier profits to help the elderly

IMG 1658


IMG 1667


IMG 1676IMG 1695  Morgan's selfie frame construction

IMG 1681

 The newest vesion of green ball from Colibri 

IMG 1691


IMG 1722Morgan and Donna from Old Oak creating moustache selfie sticks