Bioglitter® provides sustainable sparkle for festive flowers

Supermarkets use tens of tons of plastic glitter each year, most of which ends up as potential toxic pollution in the environment. This Christmas, given the huge sway towards ethical and sustainable shopping among consumers of all kinds, some businesses in the horticulture sector are opting to add sparkle to their festive flowers with Bioglitter® instead.

Stephen Cotton, a Chemical Engineer and Commercial Director of Ronald Britton Ltd, the developers and manufacturers of Bioglitter®, said, “Tens of tons of plastic glitter are used by supermarkets in cards, packaging and in particular for flower and horticultural decoration. It’s a major plastic issue.”

According to Stephen, the plastic issue presented by glitter needs a completely different approach to that of plastic packaging faced by the industry. He added, “Glitter, due to its size and use, is a microplastic particularly used on cards and on flowers. It can fall off throughout the supply chain and end up in the general environment. End of life, the usual focus for plastic waste, is not the full story when it comes to glitter. The whole supply chain needs to be considered; from wash-up at the manufacture or coating stage, to clean up during transportation and instore presentation, eventually to final disposal.”

Glitter decorated products are sold on an industrial scale in supermarkets, in particular glitter decorated flowers, which is a huge industry in its own right worldwide.

Bioglitter® is the first glitter on the market proven to biodegrade in natural environments. “It’s based on a plant derived product, using a special high tech form of cellulose unique to Bioglitter®. It needs microbes to biodegrade, therefore, it is stable in sterile environments and won’t degrade on the shelf; however once it enters soil, waste water or fresh water environments, where microorganisms are present, the glitter will naturally decompose.”

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