Direct2Florist join Good Florist Guide supporter ranks

D2F and GFG hero shot

Family owned Direct2Florist, who have one of the highest Feefo ratings in the flower industry, have come on board as a supporter of Good Florist Guide in a move that sees both parties share their brands on each other’s sites.

Talking about the decision Caroline Marshall-Foster, owner of Good Florist Guide, said; “I am delighted that Direct2Florist have made this decision. Not only are they are a company that is, like us, deeply rooted in the industry but they are, again like us, totally governed by their members needs, rather than share price and investor relations.”

She continued; “The way we are working together is exactly how I saw the brand being used; a third party, independent validation of a florist shop and an extra, easy to understand sign for the consumer that the florist goes the extra mile. The GFG concept is unique and has never been about competing with anyone but simply giving florists, suppliers and the general public a totally impartial kitemark of quality that is not ruled by revenues but by standards.”

No money is involved but D2F members will be encouraged to add their GFG logo to their website entries whilst GFG will add the D2F logo to florist members on their website. For Simon Stirling, MD of Direct2Florist, it’s another way of showing that D2F is different from any other relay service as he explained; 

“From the day we started back in 2007 we have aimed to be different. Our business model isn’t about gathering every order to the detriment of florists but finding ways that we can all benefit. Our pricing structure is completely transparent; Orders placed direct with florists via our website are charged at 100% face value plus a £4.25 service fee paid by the customer while just 10% is deducted on florist to florist orders, all of which means the customer gets a far better design for their money simply because the florist has a sensible budget to work with.”

And it’s a model that is finding greater and greater support through the industry. Now nearly 800 florists are part of the network with more applying every week as they realise that £150* membership can more than pay for itself and give them all the benefits of a super-efficient order transfer system without any of the handcuffs and add on charges associated with more traditional relay models.

“We’ve never claimed to be the biggest … nor will we ever be the biggest, says Simon.  However I do believe we are the fairest and best placed to take advantage of the opportunities.” says Simon. Because whilst he is under no illusion that things are tough out there in flower land, he stills believes there is scope to grow their member’s share of the market.

“Our strategy for 2019 is to build on the fact that consumers are becoming more and more savvy about who they place their orders with. They like the comfort of a centralised website but prefer the transparency of D2F where they know exactly what they are spending and what they are getting in return. It’s why we are investing in a massive marketing campaign to make sure even more consumers know that D2F gives them the best of all worlds. Easy ordering, transparent pricing and every sign of quality we can give them. Showing the Good Florist Guide logo will be another USP as to why D2F is different and better.”