BFA launch ‘The Collection’ product catalogue

The British Florist Association (BFA) has created an eighty-two-page book containing a “commercial florist collection” of over 135 designs. Available for florists to buy in the form of a laminated book, in digital PDF format or in web image bundles, it aims “to help you increase your sales and average order value in store and online”.

“Large online order gatherers have the resources to do research on customer preferences, buying habits and new product development to drive volume for online sales nationally,” say the BFA. “We understand florists are at a trading disadvantage. To help our florists have the same competitive intelligence, the BFA have used experts with the knowledge and experience of new product development to drive sales online and in florist shops.”

The collection has no prices displayed within it, left open for business owners decide. However, the BFA does supply a spreadsheet showing their recommended retail prices and listing every item within each design so that they can be recalculated. The spreadsheet includes product descriptions, design content, RRP and tips.

Split into eight sections, bundles of web images can also be purchased for use on websites and social media at a cost of £50 for the full collection or £10 for any one of the sections:

• The white collection
• In the Pink
• Perfect pastels
• Love and Passion
• Prismatic
• Baby Boomers
• Celebrations
• Additions

10BFA British Florist Association the collection product book 2

The printed book is sold at £39.95 each, two for £70.00 or three for £100.00. The digital PDF version is available for the price of the book and can be used to create a flipbook for your website or to show designs from tablets or computers. Various cost saving bundles are available. All prices quoted here are BFA member prices, the book is also available to non-members for £70 plus delivery.

Find out more, buy online or flick through an online sample of ‘The Collection’ here.