FloraPodium delivers mystery flower boxes to colleges

Most good restaurants offer a weekly special, hand-picked dish carefully curated by the chef and often accompanied by a story about its ingredients and their origin. Transfer the concept to flower buying and you’ve got FloraPodium, a new initiative from Dutch export company Barendsen currently aimed at floristry students.

Once a week, colleges signed up to FloraPodium will receive a mystery box of blooms. Each delivery contains a small selection of stems carefully chosen by an experienced team based on their wide knowledge of current flower varieties and growers. Encouraging florists to try something new, there will always be products that might not be your natural first choice but should pleasantly surprise once tried out. Often, they’re flowers from lesser-known growers or special products that don’t stand out in the crowd at first but could open your eyes to something new.

Every box also includes a leaflet that provides detailed information about that week’s ingredients, including growing conditions – from location to light intensity - and who they were grown by. Recipients can also find further information online including photos and videos about the weekly selection.

12 florapodium flower special select menu ingredients barendsenPeter van Delft with last week's special varieties - roses

We met Peter van Delft, Product Manager at Barendsen, at the recent IPM trade fair in Germany, where he explained the new concept. “We already work with so many growers, and when one of them comes to us with news or a nice story, FloraPodium can give them a stage. It’s a great way to give a voice to smaller growers who can’t get their messages to florists as easily.”

Barendsen is a 100-year-old import and export company based at Aalsmeer, next to the Dutch flower auction, so its team are well placed to select the surprise contents of FloraPodium boxes each week. Currently delivering to colleges in Germany and Belgium, the team at FloraPodium are keen to educate British learners about special varieties.

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Colleges can sign up to receive FloraPodium mystery boxes here.

Growers can apply to give their products a place on the FloraPodium here.