WorldSkills UK competition registration now open!

WorldSkills UK competitions offer trainee florists an opportunity to propel their careers and push their abilities above and beyond by competing on an internationally respected stage. Registration is now open for applicants keen to put their skills to the test ahead of this year’s grand finals in November.

Encouraging trainees and young people from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skill, WorldSkills UK competitions cover a diverse range of sectors from Floristry to Hairdressing, Landscape Gardening, Electronics and Welding.

It’s about inspiring the next generations to be ambitious in their pursuit of excellence, while equipping them with life-long, world class skills. WorldSkills UK plays a vital role in raising standards, esteem and levels of expertise throughout the UK and across the globe.

Competitors have an opportunity to progress to international level where these talented individuals help UK business compete on a global stage. Previous WorldSkills international competitors include Joseph Massie, Victoria Richards, Chloe Woolf, Louisa Cooper, Danielle Scandone and our current International competitor Elizabeth Newcombe.

Registration closes 5th April 2019

Competition stages
Register for the competition by submitting your details and chosen heat venue. Registration is open until 5th April 2019. You will then be sent the passive stage schedule together with schedules for the regional heats. The passive stage is a photographic entry competition, on passing this you’ll be invited to compete at the regional heats. After winning a regional heat, the country’s top eight competitors will be invited to compete at the UK national final at the NEC in November, as part of WorldSkills UK Live.

The British Florist Association is the official industry partner of WorldSkills UK, organising all the nationwide qualifying heats ahead of the UK grand finals, and attending several partner meetings every year.

Register online here or find out more at