Inaugural Good Florist Event was resounding success with unique openness

With an open and friendly feel, the first ever Good Florist Event took place on Sunday 3rd March with over 50 participating florists who welcomed the concept with open arms which – thanks to their input and warm attitudes – prompted resounding positive feedback. Aiming to create a relaxed and unintimidating space where likeminded florists could share ideas and advice, the event comprised of four business sessions each with a goal to generate questions, conversation and open-up new thought processes.

With no sponsors, it was a florist-led event with the first session – ‘who wants to be a millionaire?’ – simply asking each round table to discuss a set of prompts and share their own methods for making more money, with the best ideas read out to the room. A popular ‘show and tell’ session then presented and discussed a number of bestselling designs, products and clever ideas brought by attendees.


0 gfe good florist event 8Pictured above: a selection of 'show and tell' designs and ideas.


“It’s nice to have something so informal. We’ve all felt confident in being able to ask questions. Although I felt nervous to start with, having to stand up in show and tell, but it’s all felt very relaxed. If I’ve got a question, it hasn’t felt like an issue to ask it because the atmosphere is very comfortable.” - Corinne Turner, Corinne Turner Floristry, March

“I’ve found it incredibly useful. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that some things that I’ve thought ‘I wouldn’t touch that with a bargepole’, other people are making a fortune from selling it. - Mark Entwistle, The Flower Lounge, Manchester


0 gfe good florist event 5Pictured above: Lauren of Concept Flowers, Lesley of Jennifleurs and Caroline Marshall-Foster of Good Florist Guide and The Florist - and host of the event.


Next up, forward-thinking Good Florist Guide member Karen Lindsay of Flowers of Kilmarnock took centre-stage to share exactly how she upgraded her ecommerce offer. Her talk was followed by a Q&A where she was joined by Morgan Nuth of Old Oak Florist in which the pair openly shared web, photography and video advice - with best value in mind and based on their own practise.


0 gfe good florist event 6Pictured above left: Corinne Turner with her 'show and tell' which was in fact her husband - who also happens to be her local funeral director! Above right: florists check out the table of 'show and tell' designs. 


“I think this is really good for networking and to bounce ideas off each other and just to see that actually everyone is in the same boat.” - Jo Hornsby, Daisy Chain Florist, Shepperton


0 gfe good florist event 7


After lunch, the undisputed expert in all things Brexit and fresh produce, Nigel Jenney, shared the latest on what the state of British politics could mean for florists. He was later joined for a Q&A by wholesalers Ian McClellan of FleuraMetz and John Davidson of Tom Brown Ltd (pictured above). While it was fairly heavy stuff, he ended by asking for a show of hands to see who felt more confident after hearing his speech and the majority of the room raised their arm.


0 gfe good florist event 4Pictured above left: Nicola of Beau-K shares her 'show and tell'. Above right: the newest member of Good Florist Guide, Helen Vickers of Willow & Blooms, is presented with her certificate.


“It’s really nice to mix with fellow florists because we all work so hard, it’s been really good.” - Sara Barrow, Flowers With Passion, Longridge, Near Preston


0 gfe good florist event 1


Seats were swapped to seed as many new ideas as possible, to make sure new contacts were made and to encourage openness and sharing. The final session asked attendees and their newest set of partners to discuss the positives of being a florist, leaving everybody feeling refreshed and going home with an open and optimistic mindset.

Here you can see just a small selection of positive comments made at the event.

“Meeting up with fellow florists and realising it’s not just you going through the same problems is really useful. It’s nice to hear other people’s thoughts and you can get some ideas that you can use too.” - Kelly Jordan, Charmaine of Southsea

“Events like this are so essential because there’s nothing like it now. For me, I’ve been around a long time and I’ve been to similar thing a lot. But for someone like Abby (Millis - his colleague) and the new generation, if they don’t get a chance to attend something like this and understand how things work and why they work, how will they know?” – Morgan-Douglas Nuth, Old Oak Floral Designers Ltd

“I’m having a great time and I think we should do it twice a year! It’s been really informative and I’ve picked up lots of different ideas. It’s great to speak to lots of other florists who are just all really friendly and helpful. Some of the marketing ideas that were suggested this morning, we’re definitely going to go home and look at that. We have a lot of kids who walk by so finding something that would encourage them into the shop would be great.” - Karen Massey, Fleurtatious, Dalkey

“I think the whole event is fabulous! I’ve found it really informative. Sometimes, when you’re in the shop you doubt yourself. Coming in and seeing everything, I’m thinking ‘we’re up there’ so it’s been really reassuring. Meeting the wholesaler who I buy from was great, you don’t see them normally. And before this I hadn’t had any contact with other GFGers so it’s brought me into it.” - Debbie Western, Debbie Western Flowers, London