Lonely Bouquet Day 2019 date announced!

Emily Avenson, founder of the original Lonely Bouquet movement, has announced the date of the 2019 event – International Lonely Bouquet Day – as Sunday 30th June.

Posting a video on her phenomenally successful Instagram feed (@fleuropean) Emily announced this year’s date and kicked-off the fun by abandoning a bunch of her own, which later found a happy home with a lady named Francoise. Emily, who is a farmer-florist and runs workshops from her base in Belgium, started the movement through her blog back in 2013. Since then it has been picked up around the world with florists and groups like NAFAS, WI and BFA in the UK taking it on as a project and not only spreading cheer but reaping valuable PR opportunities as well.


 What happens on Lonely Bouquet Day?
The concept is simple. Abandon a bouquet of flowers complete with a ‘take me’ tag and wait for someone to find it. As long as your tag includes a contact or social media links the lucky finder can let you know that your small gesture brightened their day. 

It can be done anytime throughout the year, Christmas and Valentine's are popular occasions but celebrations culminate on Lonely Bouquet Day itself.

Over the years they’ve been scattered across towns and cities on park benches, at bus stops and even on supermarket shelves. Warming stories have been shared by those who’ve found a Lonely Bouquet – often at times when a small gesture of kindness was most needed. There is an official Lonely Bouquet website and Facebook page where many recipients post their thanks.

Since the initiative began seven years ago it has been featured in local newspapers, it became part of one college’s Christmas curriculum, and in 2015 NAFAS garnered celebrity support for the movement by planning to distribute 60,000 bouquets with one even spotted on Downing Street.

Florists have used the idea to celebrate Mother's Day and Valentine's, throw anniversary parties, host workshops and generate a buzz locally while joining a large global online community that shares stories of the smiles that this little gesture can bring. Below, we’re sharing just a few from over the years.


Free tags for florists
All year round, Grant McGowan from The Paper Studio supplies free tags to florists who want to take part, just request yours through his website


Enjoy Lonely Bouquet Day 2019 on Sunday 30th June!