Lonely Bouquets Still Spreading Cheer

twisted-willow-bouquets-flowers-spreading-cheerIt’s been a little while since the Lonely Bouquet movement took off in June, but it’s great to see so many of you are still keen to continue finding the time to share a smile with a stranger and making great promotional use of the movement.

Twisted Willow Florist in Derbyshire has come up with a fab way to push the promotional power of the Lonely Bouquet even further. 

They’re using it as a way to gain more Likes on their business Facebook page by advertising that they’ll be putting out a bunch of Lonely Bouquets once they’ve hit their next landmark number of Likes, encouraging fans to share their page. The sweet bouquets pictured above were among their Lonely selection.

twisted-willow-facebook-lonely-bouquet-flowers-spreading-cheerFoundation floristry students at Writtle College joined in the fun over the festive period by creating nine bouquets and leaving them in locations around Chelmsford.

Antonia Tonking was one of the students who hid a bouquet and waited to see what happened next. She said:

“It felt a bit random standing waiting for someone to pick up the bouquet but it was really good fun seeing people’s reactions. Most of the bouquets disappeared within 10 minutes!

students-with-lonely-bouquets-flowers-spreading-cheer“Locations ranged from the Friendship Bridge in Chelmsford town centre - where a mother and daughter picked up the bouquet - to a town centre post box - where a young lady, whose boyfriend had dumped her that morning, took it after discussion with two other people.

"Other locations included Hylands Park, home of the V Festival - where dogs and dog walkers were intrigued by the flowers - and Chelmsford cathedral - where a young man picked up the bouquet and handed it straight on to an elderly lady.”

Fellow students Emily Robinson and Roberta Borelli, said they loved the idea:

“It was such a quirky promotion, a great way of seeing promotions in action away from a desk!”

Julia Ryde, Senior Floristry Lecturer at Writtle College, said:

“I felt we should support this initiative as it helps to raise awareness locally of the College and the floristry department – as well as spreading a little happiness! It just shows the power of flowers to bring a smile to people’s faces even on the dullest of days and no matter how you are feeling. The students did a great job!”

Pictured above right, from left to right: Roberta Borelli, Antonia Tonking and Emily Robinson

lonely-bouquet-intro-spreading-cheer-flowersDon’t forget it’s official International Lonely Bouquet Day on June 29th.

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