13. siberia chrysanthemum deliflor florist flowers

Disbudded chrysanthemum Siberia is a new white novelty from Deliflor. Siberia refers to a cold, white, icy, rough landscape which suits this firm, white pompon perfectly. The strong flower has good transportation qualities and an excellent vase life. The green centre of Siberia provides an extra fresh appearance. Siberia will be introduced by Zentoo in week 13 (March 28th).

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We’re already familiar with the (relatively) new concept of bulbs in wax, especially popular at Christmas when amaryllis bulbs are coated in glittered wax bubbles and no container or compost is needed at all. However, Dutch nursery WBD has recently launched a unique bulb with roots in wax, named Liv in Wax, they have a patented technique which even works with green houseplant zamioculcas.

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11. no brexit deal nightmare flower exporters new york times

In the latest flower-related Brexit press coverage, the New York Times recently reported that a “no Brexit deal is nightmare scenario for Europe’s exporters.” The piece states that if there is no deal on new trade terms after Brexit, “those tulips could be left to rot at the border” – a nightmare scenario for any Dutch tulip grower, with a truck laden with fresh produce trapped in a traffic jam at Rotterdam or Hook of Holland waiting for customs clearance.

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