FTD news HeroSince July 19th, following a press release posted on their corporate site, FTD, owners of the Interflora brand and the company responsible for florist memberships here in the UK, have seen their share price slip a massive 19%; a further drop on the losses we reported back in March.  The release, which we print verbatim below, announced a mass change of personnel following poor Q2 results and a lack lustre performance overall.  Any comment we make will appear in the Editors Blog next week.

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13. royal floraholland new members council flowers

During the Royal FloraHolland General Members' Meeting on 31 May, the introduction of a Members' Council as from 1 January 2019 was approved with a majority of 79%. The new structure – in which the General Members' Meeting (GMM) will cease to exist – aims to improve the quality of the decision-making process within the cooperative. The amendment to the articles of association received the support of more than the required two-thirds of the votes.

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