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Leading the Good Florist Guide team, Karen Broxholme of Bluebells Lincoln designed a breathtaking moongate to welcome visitors at Leeds Castle Festival of Flowers. This summer, moongates quickly cemented themselves as one of 2018’s key wedding trends with a boom in popularity on blogs and Pinterest as brides and grooms chose this impressive floral backdrop for their nuptials. Karen’s creation took pride of place on the front lawn by the castle entrance, the perfect spot for visitors to stop and take selfies within the magnificent castle setting.

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At the heart of Kent's majestic Leeds Castle is a quaint courtyard with enough charm to give you shivers on any normal day but bring in buckets of quality Fleurametz flowers plus a team of Good Florist Guide designers and it's taken to a whole new level. This year’s Leeds Castle Festival of Flowers was themed around ‘Ladies Day’, something no one knows better than the lead designer tasked with creating this installation, GFG florist Morgan Nuth who owns Old Oak Floral Designers in Ascot.

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